Rinjani, Cluster fifth and latest in Vimala Hills

Resort residential needs in large cities such as is needed at this time. Plus occupancy is close to nature and fresh air intake more so the health of the household to be higher (high reason).

Well, for that Supreme Podomoro Land (APL) concerned with products that promote the concept of resort properties such as Vimala Hills Hotel & Resort in the Ciawi, Bogor, West Java. Until now, the cluster who has launched such Bromo, Pangrango, Semeru and Argopuro. And the new cluster was launched in late October, the Rinjani.

According Zaldy Wihardja, Marketing General Manager Vimala Hills Hotel & Resort, Rinjani cluster immediately adjacent to the Pullman Hotel is a five star hotel in Ciawi, Bogor. “View that is presented in this cluster Pullman and Mount Salak,” he told us before launch cluster Rinjani in Jakarta (25/10).

“From June, APL has launched three clusters in Vimala Hills. Currently, clusters such as Bromo and Pangrango has sold out. Then cluster Semeru has reached 80 percent sold out. And the recently launched Argopuro has sold about 50 percent, “said Zaldy.

Zaldy explains Furthermore, each cluster in Vimala Hills around 40-50 units. “The difference in each cluster are distinguished from supporting facilities. As cluster Bromo and children play Pangrango supported land and fresh market. Then Pangrango near the club house. In the cluster there Semeru organic farm facilities. While in Argopuro adjacent to the F & B resto. Rinjani and there is a deer park, “he said.

Progress of projects supported international designers and architects WATG, and OLSA Peridian has done marketing development gallery up to 80 percent. “And also building roads,” said Zaldy.

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