Moving house, tips for moving to another city

Once you’ve made the decision to change cities it is best to travel to explore new terrain. Ideally, place home-work-school in the same area but this is not possible, it is best to pre-define-house search how far you’re willing to sacrifice within travel times.

It is a common mistake to try to explore the city and find a home in one day. This prevents insight into the area and explore our properties.

If you do not know the new city or have little time to decide where you will live ideally require the services of an expert in relocation of families as well as properties show also will advise you on the areas that best suit your needs.

The fees of these experts are usually covered by the companies that hire foreign talent and also get a commission for the placement of the house so you will not have to shell out for their services.

The real estate brokers are also an excellent alternative for advice because they know better than anyone the colonies and the type of properties that sold them. Tell lifestyle and type of home you want, based on that and on your budget, you can show the most attractive properties.

Define your priorities

The advantage of starting from scratch is the ability to find what really suits your needs. Write a list of everything you want to fulfill (price, style, meters built, number of rooms) and also what you would not be willing to accept as far away from your work or age of the plant.

Create also an intermediate category of what you’d be willing to compromise. Keep this list handy in your search and share with whom you advise, so attachment is easy work and get more out of reconnaissance trips.

Be clear about what you can and what you can not afford. The city can change your cost of living increase or imply having to maintain two homes while achieving the transition.

You will also have to pay a move that involves insurance to transport your belongings (this insurance is one area where you should never save) and, if you have school age children, you should consider the cost of admission to the new school and a new set of uniforms.

Search home within a price range according to your budget, prevent fall for a more expensive and end up going through a financial ordeal in another city.

Buy or rent?

Coming to a new city goes together some uncertainty. There is the possibility that the work is not what you expect your family or fails to adapt.

In these cases buying a property implies a greater risk because you may have to put it up for sale shortly with all the costs involved.

It is advisable to rent the first six to 12 months, this will allow you to confirm that the choice of the colony was correct and stabilize you in your job.

Remember that buying a home is not a decision to be taken lightly and is best done when the order and stability are present in your work, your relationships and your finances which is difficult to achieve when you are changing city .

If you consider the cost of a mortgage against the income from your new home you will see that there is a considerable difference, and if you take the option of renting, maybe you can save the difference for when buying a house is possible to take a greater amount of down payment and thereby reduce the amount of interest you pay to the bank.

Your home is the center of adaptation to your new city and the place where you will develop a sense of belonging, choose it according to your taste, needs and budget is essential to start with the right foot changing adventure town.

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