Nov 13

He’s 4 Tips Test Paint Colors

The color on the walls is not something solitary, but interact and synergy with other elements.

According Yuanita Tanuwijaya, Public Relations & Communication Retail Decorative PT Jotun Indonesia, in the paint in a room have to have harmony between home accessories. “We can see the interaction between the color of the walls with the color of the floor, sills and lighting while testing the paint,” he told recently.

In addition, consideration of the harmony of color paint walls with exterior and interior elements like materials, color, texture sofas, carpets, curtains and others.

Paint color on the walls in their applications will look 1 or 2 levels darker than the color we see in the catalog paint (paint chips).
The same color will look darker in color on the ceiling than the walls because of differences in light reflection angles on the surface of the walls and ceiling.
If you do not want to brush out the paint color on the walls, you can apply the paint on a sheet of gypsum board that can be moved to all the room you want to paint.
Walls coated with primer first if you want to test car light color on the walls that have previously been dark.